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The Charity Fair Returns

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Saturday 14th November was a busy day for Isamilo students and the wider Mwanza community, it was Charity Fair day! In the previous weeks, secondary students had been busy planning their stalls and activities and prefects had been busy organising caterers, craft sellers and token selling!

After a rainy week, the sun finally appeared and everyone had a brilliant day. Isamilo School was buzzing with crowds, squeals of delight and smells of delicious food. Children were having their faces painted, enjoying the bouncy castle and eagerly awaiting the results of the fancy dress competition!

Thanks to everyone's hard effort and spending, the fair has raised a magnificent 3.96 million shillings! All of our proceeds will go straight to support Ismailo's Saturday School outreach project, supplying children in the local community with school books, shoes and enrichment activities.

Thank you to everyone who came, who organised the day and to our raffle donators:

Hope Dental, Ryan's Bay, Isamilo Lodge, Tilapia Hotel, Misterious Cinematix, Songoro Marine, O'zi, Comfort Spa, Shona Kwetu Tailors, Mwanza Yacht Club, Wag Hill Lodge, Shebby Fitness Training, Fay's Bar & Resort, Weston Solutions, Fortes Garage, Kanga Cafe, Manji's Healthcare, Merali's Sports Shop, Protas Supermarket and U Turn Grocery store.

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