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Sunshine on a rainy day! The 2018 Charity Fair

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

On the cold, dreary, grey morning of November 10th 2018, the weather was looking to make the annual IISM Charity Fair a rather slow, dull event.

But as vendors arrived one by one and the secondary students began setting up their stalls, the sun began to break through the clouds and the incredible Isamilo community really began to shine.

Amongst the numerous stalls, there was something for everyone: a bouncy castle, a horse, fun games on the field, face paint, henna and sponge the teacher near the playground. There were more games and exciting stalls all over the secondary department. Isamilo students really gave it their all using their creativity.

As in previous years, local NGOs sold beautiful ornaments near the tunnel - never failing to impress. And of course, the delicious food was served between the hall and year six classrooms.

Finally, the Book Exchange and the Raffle brought the day to a grand finale. Amongst the numerous stalls and people there, everyone found something to enjoyed.

It was a wonderful afternoon and in total everyone’s efforts raised 4.2 million shillings. As always, the money will go to the Saturday School children to buy them shoes, pens and pencils, books and to pay for school fees.

Well done and thank you to everyone who took part in or helped to organize the event, and a special thanks to Mrs. Weston who organized most of it.

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