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Secondary Sports Day

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Year 11 students: Reshma Rupeshe, Nivedita Tiwari, Tadiwa Machuwe and Latifa Eddie

The day started off as energetic as any IISM event. The stadium’s stairs were packed with smiling children and teachers. The sun screamed down at us, flinging it’s whole wrath, but yet we strived forward to make our teams proud.

Everyone dispersed into their teams and we all began with warm-ups. Pemba showed their team pride by swinging their arms in the air. Zanzibar ran around the field, displaying confidence and elegance, while Mafia strategically chose a more uniform approach as they all listened to their team leader attentively and showed poise and gracefulness.

So far the competition has been tough, all the teams are neck and neck.. No matter what it was, be it a race, a field game or even the relay, the students of Isamilo give it their very best.

As the music blasts from the speakers, the athletes plunge forward giving their full attention to their chosen sport. Obviously there were a few nervous kids that gave up a hard race for something less challenging, but overall this year everyone seemed overjoyed.

Now that we’ve reached the end of the day it is clear that all the participants impatiently wait for the results of the day that Mr Footitt has been carefully collecting. Personally, as participants, we are exhausted but we leave with fond memories of the experience and the pictures we’ve taken serve as treasured memories that have become dear to us and have claimed a place in our hearts.

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