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Revolutionary Charity Fair

Like an ember in the distance, the Sun rose. The school gates opened to an exciting experience, as the buzzing of the crowd took over immediately. This annual event, hosted by Isamilo International School Mwanza, is the Charity Fair!

Saturday School is a compassionate non-profit organization inside of IISM, giving its all in providing education and experiences for underprivileged children from around the community. The Saturday School run the Charity Fair, with help from the prefect team of IISM. All the money earned is used in helping the children in need, with necessities such as food, clothing, and books.

The aroma of delicacies uplifted the atmosphere, as the chefs served us a variety of mouth-watering food! From the scented strawberry cakes to the succulent shawarma, the food was an unrivalled treat to the tongue. The crowd savoured their snacks, with each bite lighting their eyes just a little bit more!

Several stalls were structured across the campus, where people would participate in the games a stall would host. An overwhelming majority of these stalls were arranged by secondary students themselves, all contributing to a change, for a brighter tomorrow! Some standouts include the ‘Haunted Carnival,’ where the 10-and 11-year-old hosts decided to startle the crowd! ‘Frost Bite,’ a stall that treated us to a wintry competition amidst the warmth of the day, as the participants thoroughly enjoyed every passing moment. The children also had their faces painted, giving us our own adorable versions of Spiderman and Wonder Woman. The others relished the bouncy castle, as all the other stalls earned nothing but cheers!

Thank you to every single one of you that came to help and participate. The day was an unmatched success, and you are the reason behind it!

-Saiadith Prakash (Events Prefect)

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