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Renewing our school mission

On Friday 12th October during our INSET day, the whole IISM staff team came together to clarify and renew the core values and mission of our school.

A school's mission statement is a very important summary of what the school stands for and what it commits to do for its students. It is the central document in the school's 'guiding statements'. For us, these guiding statements are a set of documents that:

• Outline our shared values that create our patterns of interaction

• Define our school culture

• Guide our clear direction (vision and strategic planning)

• Give us a 'lens' through which we can make all decisions

In this new chapter of the school's life, we felt that it was important to clarify these things by looking at what it is that makes IISM unique and special. There was a lot to choose from!

So we got together and started collaborating on this important task. Led by Tim Logan, Assistant Head of School, we worked together in groups to consider and describe what the defining features of IISM are. This led into the creation of 12 draft 'mission statements' that attempt to sum up what the school and its community are here for. It is not an easy task, especially in three sentences!

We came up with some great ideas which we all then shared with each other and discussed. At the end of a positive day, we had become clearer about what IISM is all about, and why we love working here.

The next stage of the process will be to take the 12 statements and try to condense them into one final statement. The senior management team, in discussion with Bishop Mbelwa and the DVN, will complete this task in the coming weeks.

We look forward to the launch of the finished statement soon. Watch this space!

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