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Primary disco

The primary Christmas party was held on Friday the 26th of November, in Clement Hall, to raise funds for the prefect board.

The hall was filled with the boom of the music and the innocent smiles of the primary pupils as they played timeless classics such as red light green light, dancing statues and pass in the parcel to name a few.

Additionally, the children were visited by a certain special individual from the North Pole who presented them with hugs, Christmas joy and an opportunity to request whatever they wanted for Christmas.

Afterwards, the children danced with Mr Claus, who was very active despite his old age, as well as some of the other A-Level students.

There was a variety of appetizing baked goods on sale at the party, which the children could not wait to devour, seeing as they sold out in minutes. In addition to that, soft drinks were also available.

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