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Perfect prefects?!

Angela Kaiza (Head Girl) and Matthew Guild (Head Boy)

Every Monday morning prefects never fail to arrange themselves along the tunnel ready to lead their fellow students to assembly (well, most of the time we never fail). Every day we make sure we are smartly dressed, wearing our badges, have a smile on our face, and act as a role model to our fellow students. We make sure we represent the student body.

This term has been hectic for us with a lot of activities going on. Besides our weekly break and lunch time duties, we have been involved in many school events this term, whether it be helping to organise and run, or simply contribute our ideas. The Community prefects have been helping communities around the school and in the school, with plans to touch up the Library. Boarding prefects give the boarders a home away from home, making sure they are organise (such as taking the register for prep).

The Junior and Early Years prefects have played an active role in ensuring primary and early years get the best student to student assistance. They sacrifice their free time to go over to read with the children and help them during class time or in afterschool clubs. The Events prefect collaborated with the Junior prefects to organise movie nights and parties for the younger students.

The Head prefects have led the Prefect team and working alongside them, assisting them in any way they can (the Head Boy and Head Girl also get special attention from Mr. Footitt or Mrs. Weston whenever they need us to do something). All in all, each prefect is grateful and honored to be a prefect and we all have lots of plans for the coming new year. Watch this space!

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