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No room for boredom at Boarding!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Raheem Mwatawala, Yr13, Boarding Prefect

For many years boarding has always been a place for the people that opt to stay to call a home away from home, a place where teachers and students work together to ensure that living and obtaining education can happen comfortably and in the most effective ways. This includes boarding prep where students head to school after dinner to go do there supervised private study.

Paintballing at Wag Hill

This academic year, boarding welcomed new Heads (Ms Stokes and Ms Ratcliffe). They introduced a range of new rules that ensured everything was done the right way to benefit the students. In addition to that, they brought along with them a wide range of different fun activities that leave no room for boredom for us all.

Some of the other changes that were brought to boarding were the introduction of snack time, whereby students get to have a snack after a long day of school. Appropriate freedom for students at the age of 18 and more changes to come including a different food timetable. A lot has happened this year and there's a lot more to come. Boarders look forward to the coming year and are grateful for this one.

Boarding Bonfire!

Volleyball at Tunza

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