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MSMUN Trip to Nairobi

From Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th January 2020, a group of students from Years 7 - 10 travelled to the United Nations Headquarters in Nairobi to take part in the Middle School Model United Nations.

Judah Miller, who was a journalist in the press corps team, kept a diary of the events of the trip and contributed to the newsletter and website posts for United Nations. Here is an extract of his diary from the first day of our trip:

Road Trip!

As the bus departed from school, most of us were bone tired, and went immediately to sleep, while the rest of us chatted quietly but very excitedly about the upcoming trip. But their excitement was quickly quenched as the hours lagged on forever!

After five excruciatingly boring hours of driving (at least for me), we finally reached the border, where we got to stretch our legs, go to the bathroom, and go through security, where everything should go perfectly fine but often goes wrong!

Eventually we got through, and after an hour we were back on the road! After four hours we finally reached the first hotel, where we all gladly went to sleep.

The next morning we set out for Nairobi. About an hour out of Nairobi we all stopped at a lookout point of the Great rift valley. The view was truly spectacular!

When we finally arrived in Nairobi we went to the hub to eat lunch and then headed to the hotel to prepare for the next day; the first day of Conference!

All of the students represented Isamilo International School exceptionally well and were a credit to our school. The four-day conference requires a lot of preparation before departure and even more studying in the evenings between conference days. A special congratulations goes to Mustafa in Year 9 who wrote and presented a resolution to conference and his resolution was then passed by the other delegates .

We are now looking forward to our senior pupils attending to East African Model United Nations conference in late February.

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