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MSMUN 2019 - The First Day

Tuesday morning and we’re all rushing around in our rooms putting on suits and ties, making sure everything is perfect. Then we went down to the dining area to eat breakfast. When we were eating everyone was brushing off crumbs and trying to keep their suits clean.

When we got to the UN we had to go through a security check and take out ALL of our electronics. After the security check we started the long hard journey to the building, with nothing but flags to look at.

Finally we got to the building and started taking pictures in front of the KARIBUNI sign. After we took the photos we ventured into the building, it was so big! There were so many different ways you could go and even more delegates.

We still had a few minutes until the general assembly started so we sat down and waited for the doors to open. Finally the doors opened, and everyone rushed inside to get a seat. The general assembly started with a UN official saying how happy he was, seeing all these people in their nice clothes to come and attend the MSMUN.

The next thing that happened was the reminder of the proper etiquette for the conference, as well as the “house rules” for MSMUN. After that, a lady from the chair made a very inspiring speech about “loving yourself”. Not seeing what you don’t have in someone else, but seeing the good in you that makes you, you.

After the general assembly everyone went to their committees to start their conferences, except for the press corps. After the assembly, all the press corps went to the “press corps room” to figure out who’s doing what. All of the photographers where given rooms to go in and all the writers either started writing their articles or going to their designated rooms to take notes on what’s happening.

When it was finally lunchtime everyone rushed to the restaurants to get to the food first and have time to study upcoming resolutions after eating. When it was time to go back to the conference rooms, everyone was rushing about trying to not be late and get clipped.

After the conferences were over we all got together and started are way back to the bus. When we got home we all got washed off and dressed to go to the mall TRM. When everyone was done shopping, we went to the food court to get dinner. When we got back we all went upstairs to prepare for the next day.

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