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MSC win big at TALISS Invitational!

Anna Guild (Year 11)

On the 8th of February, 21 Mwanza Swim Club swimmers representing several schools in the Mwanza area including Isamilo International School, Mwanza, met up at the Mwanza airport in the morning. They were flying to Dar Es Salaam to compete in the TALISS Invitational Swimming Gala the following two days. They all enjoyed the privilege of flying on Air Tanzania as they got snacks and drinks provided by the airline.

After arriving in the afternoon, they took a bus to their accommodation, Wista's Chalet, and prepared for the competition the following day.

On both days of the competition they had to wake up early, eat a quick breakfast, slap on some sunscreen and load up on the bus once again.

The weather never seemed to make up its mind as whether to be hot, breezy, rainy or sunny. Regardless, the swimmers pushed through it and some even swam in the rain. Over the course of the gala, MSC logged 98 personal best times, won 65 medals (37 of which were gold, 15 silver and 13 bronze), set six new meet records (tying another) and won nine overall age group trophies (some first- and second-runner ups as well as first place).

Out of the nine swim teams competing MSC placed second, earning the second highest amount of points overall behind TALISS who were able to field their entire team as hosts. It was a great experience and opportunity for all and I'm sure the swimmers can't wait for the next gala.

Volunteer to help and see MSC dominate the competition in our very own hosting opportunity at the Isamilo Gala on IISM's campus starting on Friday, March 1st, at 2pm and continuing all day Saturday the 2nd.

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