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Moshi Sports Weekend

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Written By: Machai Zephrine Machai - Year 12

Two and a half years ago most of us used to not play any basketball at all- we played

football exclusively. So to be able to go to the Moshi Sports Weekend and be one of the best teams is a real accomplishment in itself. It shows that nothing is too hard, you just need to practice, results happen overtime not overnight. You will only be rewarded in public for the things you practice in private, you don't raise to the occasion you sink to the level of your


You can’t except to go to a big tournament like Moshi and miraculously you’re the Los

Angeles Lakers- hard work starts here in Mwanza in the Clement Hall. And you may have to

fight a battle more than once to win it because winners never quit and quitters never win.

Success isn't owned it's leased and rent is due everyday so if you believe just because you've

won once you're the greatest forever, you're very mistaken.

We made that very mistake; we won three games back to back beating MIS 46 - 0 AK NETS 33-25 and SCIS 25 - 15 we let the success get to our heads and we ended up losing to DIS that evening by 7. Falling down is an accident but staying down is a choice and we chose to take it as a lesson so that we could move forward and win. Mistakes are okay but they have to be new ones. And that’s something I'm really proud of about our team - we may mess up but we don’t mess up the same way twice, we talk about the mistakes after the game and make sure they don’t happen again.

The next day we rectified our mistakes and beat Academic in the quarter finals. And put a

great effort against UWCEA Moshi, but lost again by 7 to them in the semi finals but it didn't

feel like we lost that game because we put in our full effort but it wasn’t enough. I was proud

of the hustle we put on during the last quarter to turn the game around but the officiating

wasn't on our side. Nonetheless, we competed next in the plate final and if it wasn’t for the

ice cold veins of Kevin Bruno at the free throw line we wouldn't have pulled off the win.

There is a quote provided by Kevin that says, “Build a team so strong you don’t know who

the boss is" .This quote really sums up our team because unlike other teams we don't have

a main player or two main players; our team is different. Everyone is almost on the same

level because we play together often. As basketball is a team sport this is a great advantage

for us. There was a moment during the weekend when we were asked, "Who is your best player?"by an opposing team and we

didn't tell them because there is no best player on our team - we are better as a collective, not as individuals.

Good players inspire themselves but great players inspire others and Isamilo Joto inspires

each other to become the greatest ever. I will leave you with this final quote, “START


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