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Updated: Feb 10

The community service club is a club that runs once a week by Lina Makaga, Selina Valli and Mahekfatema Pirbhai. It’s aimed at helping the community around us together and also helps our club members to acquire a number of skills. These include teamwork and leadership skills that apply when we plan out fundraisers for the organizations we work with and when meeting new people through our visits.

The three leaders are proudly part of a non-registered initiative called Accessible and Affordable Sanitation for Women (AASW), which has been integrated into the club. It is a global initiative that aims to give girls access to menstrual hygiene and break the social stigma and taboo the issue faces. This will be done by producing handmade reusable sanitary pads for girls who have no access to them and spreading awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene. We have begun working with an organisation called Cheka Sana which works with street children in Mwanza and took our club members to visit the girls there last term. The visit was a success and the club members enjoyed socializing with the girls there!

For the second term, the community service club has also planned to work with Pamoja Child and Youth Foundation (Nyegezi, Mwanza). This organisation is based on helping street children by rescuing them from the streets and providing them with shelter, education and later on reuniting them with their communities and families.

The children are able to participate in different sports such as cricket, football, baseball, acrobatics and softball. A number of these children will have the opportunity to go to the UK on May to take part in the STREET CHILDREN WORLD CUP.

As a club we have come up with fundraising ideas in order to raise some of the money needed for the children to be able to attend the tournament as well as supporting them with their basic necessities. We have planned to pay a visit to the children along with the club members on the March 2nd.

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