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IISM Triumphs in Moshi

Jonathan Rutayebesibwa, IISM Support Teacher and Alumni

Isamilo International School Mwanza participated in the 18th Annual ISM Sports Weekend held in Moshi Tanzania at International School Moshi from the 23rd - 25th November 2018. This is the 4th year that our school has participated in this event. Teachers, coaches and a few parents accompanied the 60 athletes on the sports journey.

Sports that IISM participated in were rugby, football, swimming, tennis, netball, basketball and cross country. Isamilo came 3rd overall and won a total of 6 trophies during our trip. A 19 hour bus journey did not stop our athletes from striving for and achieving great success!

The Rugby team retained their trophy this year and added a mixed touch ruby trophy to their collection.

The U15s Soccer Boys won their 1st major trophy with the Girls soccer team winning a 3rd place award.

Tadiwa Machuwe came 1st in the open girl’s tennis competition, well deserved. The swimming team won a second place trophy. It was an exciting weekend with effort, passion and enthusiasm at all times. Special thanks to the teachers, chaperones and coaches for all their work.

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