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How To Find The Perfect Book

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Reading is an important skill for children to learn as it is needed to allow them to access exciting parts of the curriculum. While it is vital that the children read their school reading books, there is nothing better that loosing yourself for a few hours in a good book.

There are many websites available to recommend books for children to read. Below are a few websites that are well organised, easy to navigate and include books suitable for children all the way from Early Years through to Year 6 and beyond. While the books are often organised by age or year group please do not stick rigidly to that. Depending on the interest level and ability of our child they may want to read books from different lists. Also if you are choosing a book that you are going to read to them it might be advisable to read a slightly harder book than the child can access independently.

Organized according to year group although many of the books are appropriate for many different years groups depending on the interest levels and ability of the child.

The Book Trust is an excellent website full of book list as well as recommendations of what to read next if your child enjoyed a particular author or style of book. Recommended books range from Classic fiction to new releases.

An American website with book lists organized by age, fiction or non fiction etc. Lots of great books recommended.

This website contains book of the month recommendations, books on current affairs, If you like this then you will love this, reluctant readers, books recommended by children etc. You can also read a short extract of many of the books listed. It tends to focus on newly released children’s books and is updated regularly.


In addition to reading books audio books can be a great way to engage children in a love of reading. Below are 2 websites that have a wide variety of different audio books available to download or stream for free.

A wide variety of picture book read by actors. Each book comes with a short video of an actor reading the book. Also available is an activity sheet to accompany each book.

A wide variety of book from children to adult books organized by category. There are also books in multiple languages. Sadly no Swahili as yet but they do have a section for it!

Thank you to Miss Mitchell who has put together this list.

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