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Half-term Happenings

Although last week was the half term holiday there was still lots going on at Isamilo.

Our first Kiswahili camp was a great success with the children learning and playing using Kiswahili. The children had a great time and made great improvements in their confidence and spoken language. When the week was over the children wanted to know when the next one was! Great thanks to Miss Regina.

Rugby practice continued each day showing the dedication of the students and Mr O’Sullivan. They worked hard and are making great progress. Great to see a large number of girls getting involved too!

Volleyball camp was also a chance for students to improve their volleyball skills, each day they practised different techniques and played a few games. Thanks to Mrs Otieno.

And finally thanks to Mwanza Swim Club for putting on extra lessons for the swimmers in the run up to the Isamilo Invitational on March 1st and 2nd.

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