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Animal Farm Play

In essence animal farm by George Orwell is a story on the surface about animals who overthrow their cruel human masters in a revolution and establish a socialist, all equal society, but the greed of those who gradually assume power eventually leads them to establish a dictatorship that takes them back to where they began, a hierarchy in which the minority wallow in luxury while the lower majority wallow is hunger. An insinuation that that greed and selfishness are traits of all living things but it is not a case of survival of the fittest but the thriving of the weakest conscience

To a certain extent the play can be seen as a metaphor for humans in that despite all of our efforts to build a better society, the darkness that is selfishness and power will always be existent.

-Saffiya Merali

The pan secondary play was performed on the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth night of November, each yielding a large number of viewers. The play was a great success, due to the sheer effort put in by Mr Miller and especially the actors/actresses who endured numerous rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the main performance.

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