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An Inspector Calls

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Reviewed by Rosemary Makaga

During this first term, the play that was performed is known as 'An Inspector Calls' and was written by English dramatist J.B Priestley. This play is based on a police inspector who knocks at the door and each member of the Birling family are implicated in the death of a young woman. It is filled with tense moments and demands a resilient audience to survive this creative assault.

The unique aspect about this year’s performance was that it took place in the 'Mozart' classroom with a limited amount of space for 75 seats. For this reason, the audiences had an up close view of the performance and were involved in the suspense as it unfolded.

The play had a relatively small cast, consisting of only seven of our best actors. took place over four days; Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday and lasted for 1.5hours, ending at around 9:00.

It was a really impressive achievement and a great performance from everyone, including the backstage crew!

A special thank you to Mr Miller and Mme Maussion for making it happen!

Some great shots of the live action from Year 11 student, Muktar Ashraf and also from Liz Peck.

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