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A Sparkling Nativity!

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Anna-Marie Bronkhorst - Yr12, Junior Prefect

The Early Years and Key Stage 1 production was a wonderful opportunity for kids to show their talents in both drama and singing. The production was mainly based on the birth of baby Jesus and how the angels prepared his arrival.

As the Junior prefect, I was totally amazed by the number of children that participated in the play and how they could memorize such long lines by heart and still put on an extraordinary play. It was filled with countless superb musical moments and great acting.

Both parents and teachers were amazed by the level of performances the children had kept on stage. It was so pleasing to see how parents showed up to the plays, that where held on both days, to support and motivate their children to do more... for they are the future of IISM!

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