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A new year for Saturday School!

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Fatma Zahor (Year 13)

Head Of Saturday School

Saturday school is a student-run organisation, supervised by teachers, which provides great enriching experiences for 100 of our less fortunate local children. Each week we do activities such as swimming, rounders, dancing and basketball - all in English as much as possible to help them to enhance their vocabulary. This term we have achieved; allocating stationery and equipment for the students for them to be able to use for the rest of their academic year; buying each students a pair of school shoes and socks and supported two families with fund to help them sustain basic necessities.

In the next term, we hope to have bought swimming trunks and clothes, enough for all of them to wear - as we currently face a shortage of swimming kits. We are also hoping to improve our sports equipment for the Saturday school students to use.

It has been an exciting term for Saturday School; we have faced challenges and overcome them. We look forward to the following term for more anticipated challenges and experiences for all of our students and participants involved with Saturday school.

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