Mwanza Swim Club (MSC) is a multi-age, multi-level swimming club that proudly represents the best of competitive swimming in the Lake Zone. This success is a direct result of the strong 4-year-long relationship with IISM.  

The club begins with water safety for complete beginners of all ages, and then once those beginners are comfortable in the water begins to lay a foundation for proper stroke technique (Levels 1-7 for students); Levels 8-10 represent the actively competitive part of the club and is proven by the high level of achievement attained by many club members which has taken them to success at competitions on the international level, representing MSC and IISM, as well as Tanzania. 


MSC credits their long-term partnership with IISM as foundational in setting up the success that this club has attained thus far in the 4 years since its inception.  This strong partnership involves not only shared facilities, resources, and personnel, but even more importantly, a shared dedication to both community and excellence. MSC also views its sponsors' support through the years as particularly formative, namely the support of our friends from Manji's Tools and Hardware as well as from Wag Hill Lodge.



  • Lifesaving and Coaching training provided in partnership with IISM and Tanzania Swim Association (TSA) in 2018

  • CANA Zone 3 participants 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • A training camp on site with former Canadian Olympic Swimmer, Tom Gossland, in 2018

  • Sponsorship of community swimmers each year

  • National gala records held by multiple students in swimming events


Every year multiple swimmers from IISM, who swim for MSC, travel to both national and international level competitions.  In 2016, 7 swimmers joined the Tanzanian delegation to Rwanda where the TZ team won for the first time the CANA Zone 3 international competition in Rwanda; and in 2017 12 swimmers joined the TZ team for the same competition held in Dar es Salaam where, once again, the Tanzanian team was victorious.  As recently as November 2018, one IISM student competed for the Tanzanian team in Sudan where TZ achieved a 3rd place finish, and 2 IISM students traveled to Morocco for the International School Sport Federation Gymnasiade competition.    


The highlight for the majority of the MSC club members each year, however, is the Isamilo Invitational Gala.  This gala, which is made possible by the partnership of IISM and MSC, utilises the facilities of IISM to welcome approximately 250 swimmers from all ages to compete in a 2 1/2 day swim gala.   Consistently, MSC receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from visiting clubs, hailing from Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Moshi, Morogoro, and Geita, amongst other places, and the volunteer base provided by the teachers and staff, as well as the IISM community at large, is invaluable in making this event the success that it continues to be year after year.


MSC's officers are: Jason Miller, Chairman; Beena Patel, Treasurer; and Susan Guild, Secretary.  


The Head Coach is Samwel Mtupo.  The Asst. Coaches are: Benja Mazuka, Joshua Mora, Holly Sabibi and Katrina Williams.  


The Advisory Committee is made up of: Idda Ngairo, Meeta Mehta, and Sukaina Pirbhai. 


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