Academic Year 2022 - 2023
All fees shown are in Tanzanian Shillings and are for per term. Fees are unchanged from 2021 - 2022


Initial Fees

Refundable Deposit - 750,000 TZS

A refundable deposit of 750,000/= is charged when each student joins the school. This money is held in lieu of damage of property, loss of books or non-payment of fees. It is only returned upon receipt of all school materials entrusted to the student and with a full half-term’s notice in advance.

Capital Enrolment – 1,500,000 TZS

This fee is each student’s contribution to the future development of the school. This is paid upon enrolment into Reception (not charged for Pre-School entries). Subsequent children of the same parent are entitled to 50% reduction of this fee. This fee is not refundable.


Sibling Discount – 5%

A 5% discount is offered to the second and subsequent child (up to a maximum of 4) of any given parents and does not apply to wider family members and a birth certificate will be requested. From the new academic year 2022-2023 (Starting September 2022), sibling discount will be 10%

Capital Enrolment - 50% 

A 50% discount is offered to the second and subsequent child (up to a maximum of 4) of any given parents. This does not apply to wider family members and a birth certificate is requested.



Late Payment Policy


All fees should be cleared by the due dates allocated previously. In case of non-payment, a late fee of 10% of that terms’ fee will be applied. If payment has not been submitted after one half term, the terms of the contract between the school and the parent will be considered breached. Therefore, the school will be forced to de-enrol the child[ren] concerned.


Students with outstanding fees may not be permitted to attend school trips or enter examinations until the fees balance is cleared. School reports and/or leaving certificates will not be issued to students with outstanding fees. The school may not issue proof of attendance for immigration applications if fees are outstanding.


Terms and Conditions


IISM charges fees to cover the full costs of tuition, exercise books, loan of text books and participation in the sports and extra-curricular activities.  Optional residential and non-residential school trips will be charged separately.


Boarding fees include the full costs of boarding care; accommodation, after-school academic support, food, laundry, minor medical services and regular social outings provided by the school.




Bursaries are awarded based on the financial need of the family. Application forms for bursaries are available in the May preceding the next academic year. The Bursary sub-committee will sit in June and communicate their decision prior to invoices being sent out at the end of Term 3. The sub-committee allocates grants in accordance with strict criteria.

Bursaries are also awarded to the children of pastors of the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza providing that students maintain the required standard as established by the Board of Governors.

Bursaries are only valid for one academic year after which a new application must be made.

The Bursary committee will review the child's progress and parental support on an annual basis before re-awarding the bursary the following year.



Scholarships are awarded to individual students who have demonstrated excellence in a particular field of endeavour and are valid for two years.


Scholarships can be awarded, up to 50%, at the discretion of the Senior Management Team, and approved by the Bishop.

Scholarships are valid for two academic years providing the pupil continues to show good progress and contributes fully to the school community.