Sixth Form (KS5)

All students in 6th Form participate in the Cambridge International Examinations AS and A Level qualifications 
Key Stage 5 - Sixth Form - Years 12 & 13

Starting in the IISM Sixth Form, students take a selection of Cambridge A Level courses, in addition to other school run projects and programmes.

Course Structure

In Year 12, students choose 4 subjects at AS level. In Year 13, students can then opt to drop one subject and take the remaining three subjects to the A2 level. Ultimately students should achieve three A levels and one AS. Each subject is allocated 5 hours instruction a week in six 50 minute periods.

AS/A-level courses are available in a broad range of disciplines. The subjects offered are carefully considered to reflect the changing views and requirements from universities and so ensure students have a breadth of study at this level. However, the courses are also subject to availability, based on numbers of students choosing them.


Subjects offered at IISM are:

  • Accounting

  • Art & Design

  • Biology                                                           

  • Business Studies

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Economics

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • Global Perspectives

  • History

  • Mathematics

  • PE

  • Physics

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Physical Education

All 6th form students are expected to take part in one double P.E. lesson per week. During these sessions students can pick a range of sports to take part in including swimming, football, basketball, badminton and tennis.




Pastoral Support

All our students work with a Sixth Form tutor for their pastoral support. Through their tutor programme they examine issues such as substance abuse, mental health awareness, target setting and thinking skills. They also begin preparations for moving away from home by learning about budgeting and the importance of a healthy diet. Allocated time for tutor is also used to support students in the university application process such as choosing an institution and writing a personal statement. 

For further information, please read our Sixth Form Brochure here.


You can also find syllabus information on the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.