Boarding Testimonials

Ethan Harrison - Year 12
Boarding Prefect

This term has been very busy. Miss Ratcliffe (Head of Boarding) and I have been working hard in order to make boarding the fun place it usually is. We have been organising fun activities such as game nights, bonfires, trips to the
cinema and even an overnight camping trip to Waghill Lodge!

The highlights of this term have to be the camping trip and the staff barbeque. The staff barbeque went
as planned and everybody enjoyed it. We, the boarding pupils, had to prepare and grill all the meat all by ourselves. The food we prepared turned out to be amazing and everyone loved it! After all the preparations, we had a big
water fight were everybody was going for Miss Ratcliffe and after that we all ended up wet. We
organised the Staff barbeque to thank the boarding staff for all the effort that they put into boarding. We are
glad that everybody had fun.

The camping trip to Waghill also went really well. We were joined by Mr Evans (Head of Primary) and Mr Benja (School Driver). We stayed there for a night and we had an amazing meat based dinner that everyone enjoyed. Later on, we joined in a masai dance and had our own small party afterwards. Next morning we were split up into 3 groups and
had to make breakfast for ourselves and the teachers (I’m glad Mr Evans didn’t get food poisoning). We
had a fun and brutal game of paintballing in the afternoon, before we headed back to boarding.
I’ve had a blast this term. All the activities we organised have been fun (especially paintballing... It was
wild) and all of us enjoyed them. I’m looking forward for our new term.

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