A Home Away from Home


Boarding gives our students opportunities to experience different backgrounds and cultures from the students around them. Living in our boarding community provides the opportunity to develop life skills and to build long-lasting friendships. Boarding is a place where students feel safe and are able to support each other through their studies and other challenges. As Boarding staff, we aim to give the students the support they need to adapt and grow, making sure they are prepared for the future.


Our boarding facilities are located adjacent to our main school site.

A Day in Life of a Boarder


WeekdaysStudents have a full programme each day, waking at 6:30am, having breakfast at 7:00am, getting themselves ready for the day and leaving for school by 7:30 am. Lunch is taken at school, and all boarders are expected to either participate in activities or make a start on their homework before returning to the hostel by 4.30pm. There is some time for relaxation before supper at 6:00pm, which is followed by supervised homework session with a teacher until 8:30pm. Finally, children can relax prior to going to bed at the designated ‘lights-out time’. This time varies depending on the age of the student.


Weekends - During the weekend, the timetable is structured to ensure that the students have the right balance between their studies and valuable relaxation time. The Pool, computer suite, hall, sports facilities and library are all available for students and are supervised at various times throughout the weekend. The school bus is always available for students to attend their regular place of worship.

Please click on one of the links below for photos of our boarding activities or to read some testimonials from our boarding students.